Health officials in California and elsewhere have warned that more than 200,000 Californians who were vaccinated with the flu shot may not get the vaccine, even though federal officials have said they will be able to provide it.

California Department of Public Health officials said Tuesday that as many as 6,000 people in the state may not receive the vaccine and said they are working to provide them with the vaccine.

The state will also not be able send out vaccine-specific letters and won’t have to send out vaccinations to people who have not been vaccinated. 

The state’s Department of Finance said in a statement that the county of San Diego will begin mailing vaccine packets to its residents and counties in 2018. 

California’s health department said the county has begun receiving vaccine packets.

It said the letters will be mailed on February 16, and it will mail more than 4 million packets.

California’s Health and Human Services Department said the department will be sending the vaccine to those who were not vaccinated.

“It is the Department of State Health Services, acting on the direction of the Secretary of State, that is distributing the vaccines, and not the Department or local health departments, the department said in its statement. 

Officials said it was a decision that was made because there was no vaccine available that was sufficient for the distribution of the vaccine in the community.

The department also said the counties in the Bay Area, Sacramento and San Diego counties will be receiving the vaccine on the same day that the letter was sent to the rest of the state. 

According to the Department, it has received more than 10,000,000 doses of the flu-shot vaccine.

California’s state health department also warned that the state will not be sending out the vaccine packets as planned for the next few weeks, as it waits for the Department to send a letter to all of the affected counties.

The letter said that the Department will be providing vaccines for those who have received their vaccine but are not receiving it, and the state has not yet determined whether to send the vaccine packages to those in the county who have had their vaccine and are not yet receiving it.