A video has been posted on YouTube by the North West Veterinary Clinic that shows an elderly man with dementia in his care.

The video shows the man’s dog, which he calls “the golden retriever,” in a coma.

The video shows a nurse walking the elderly man into the veterinary hospital.

A nurse can be heard asking him, “Are you awake?” to which the man responds, “Yes, I’m fine.”

The video then shows the elderly woman being assisted into the hospital by two nurses.

The man then begins to cry, stating, “Please don’t let this happen to me.”

The nurse says to the man, “You need to breathe.

We don’t know how long it’s going to take for you to wake up.”

After being told that he’s in cardiac arrest, the man begins to struggle and is then assisted into an ambulance.

The elderly man is then placed into a coma while his dog is put into a special respiratory intensive care unit.

The dog was brought to the North East Veterinary Clinic by an animal shelter.

The North West Vet Clinic is an emergency medical services unit that is also home to North West Rescue and North West Hospital.

In the video, the woman can be seen speaking to the elderly patient.

The woman asks the elderly person if he is okay, but the man continues to scream and struggle as the ambulance pulls up.

A woman in a wheelchair can be witnessed helping the man into a wheelchair.

The elderly man then becomes unresponsive and begins to have breathing difficulties.

A nurse is seen pulling a man into an emergency ambulance after he was found unconscious in his bed.

The man’s wife is seen in the video walking the man to the hospital.

The nurse then appears to be talking to the woman, saying, “We’re sorry that you have to go into cardiac arrest.

But I don’t think you need to worry about that right now.

You’re very, very lucky.”

The man is seen at the hospital, which is in an ambulance, and being helped into a seat.

He then continues to struggle in the ambulance.

He is then taken to NorthWest Veterinary Clinic, where he is placed in a special breathing intensive care room.

NorthWest Veterinary Hospital is a small, private hospital located in North Vancouver.

Northwest Veterinary Clinic has a waiting list of more than 20 people.

The clinic was founded in 1987.

The facility is currently operated by a private, non-profit organization called NorthWest Hospital.

North West Hospital is located at 6200 Granville Road in North Vancity.

North West is the only hospital in the North Vancouver area to receive the National Hospital Referral Scheme.

North-West Veterinary Surgery is also located at North Vancouver’s Granville Hills.

North-West has been in operation since 2002.

The owners of the North-Wests Veterinary Clinic did not respond to a request for comment.