Polvic veterinary services is a small, family-owned business that has been providing quality veterinary care for over 80 years.

They specialize in providing a full range of care, including vaccines, diagnosis, and surgery.

In 2017, the company experienced a loss of approximately $12 million, which the company attributed to two major factors: a reduction in their overall operating income, and the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Polvic Veterinary Services said that both factors have contributed to the loss of income and the closure of their offices.

“The closure of the Polvic Vet Care clinic has resulted in the loss in annual revenue of approximately 7% to 8% of our operating income,” the company wrote in an email to Business Insider.

“This loss of revenue will affect our business, the future profitability of our business and our long-term financial stability.

We do not have a detailed explanation of how the closure impacted the business or how this loss of business will impact our financial position.”

Polvic Veterinary Care, which is located in South Australia, is a family-run business that was founded in 1888 and is owned by Polvic family member, Helen Polvic.

The business has grown to include other family members, who all work for the business, as well as a number of employees who have been employed by the business since its inception.

According to the company, the closure affected the business by decreasing the number of visits the clinic received.

In a statement to Business Email, the spokesperson said that the closure “has led to significant cost reductions as well.

Polic Veterinary Care is unable to provide veterinary care to all our clients.”

The spokesperson said, “The closure has led to a significant cost reduction as well.”

The spokesperson added, “We are currently reviewing the impact on our current staff, including the impact of any additional costs or benefits, and are currently in the process of seeking additional assistance from our insurance provider.”

In an email sent to Business, Polvic wrote, “Our family of Polvic vets is committed to our patients and will continue to provide quality veterinary services, with a focus on those that need it the most.”

According to a statement from Polvic’s insurance company, Polic’s insurance policy will cover a full refund for any claims resulting from the closure.

The statement went on to say that the company is working with insurance providers to address any potential issues they may have.

The spokesperson continued, “As a result of the closure, we have limited options for future insurance payments.”

The statement continues, “Polvic’s financial position is very strong, as we are in the middle of the largest influenza pandemic in Australia and we have been receiving payments from our insurers through the end of September.

As a result, we are not in a position to pay out any additional claims at this time.”

Polic Veterinary Services did not immediately respond to Business’s request for comment.