The NFL is embracing a tech-centric philosophy in an effort to keep its players healthy.

While most teams are taking a wait-and-see approach on the new technology, there are a handful that are using it to its full potential.

VentureBeat sat down with three vets who have worked with teams in the league and are looking to expand their careers in a world where they’re constantly in front of the camera.

Here are three vets with impressive tech chops who could one day have a big impact on the game of football:Justin Houston:Houston is a former NFL defensive back who spent the last 10 years with the Detroit Lions.

While he’s no longer a part of the league, he still plays with a passion for helping other vets improve their health.

The Texans are using the app to help them get their life in order, whether it’s managing their stress levels, managing their diet, or helping them stay healthy.

Justin Rieger:Rieger, a former professional wrestler, is the former professional soccer player who won gold at the World Cup.

While working for the Lions in 2013, Riegers team-building and personal trainer became the center of attention.

The former wrestler had to get his body in order after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.

While still doing the workouts, Riesger had to learn how to be more vocal and assertive while in the gym.

Riegers success is a testament to how much he’s cared about helping others improve their lives.

He is the owner of a gym in Detroit that hosts weekly fitness classes for athletes who need extra help.

He’s also a regular contributor to The Players Tribune, a sports website for fans of the game.

He says the app can help him be the best version of himself, even though he’s still a big fan of football.

“I would love to do this forever and never stop,” Riegs said.

“Even if I’m retired now, I would love this to continue.”

He has also started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $100,000 for his cancer research.

This will allow him to donate money toward the costs of treatment.

He also hopes to help other veterans and the medical community by offering a program that will allow people with chronic illnesses to get more involved with sports and physical therapy.

Vonnie Cepeda:Cepeda has been a vet since 1997.

He currently works for the Cleveland Browns, the New England Patriots, and the New York Jets.

Cepes has been using the VetScore app for more than two years.

VetScore is an app that uses facial recognition and GPS data to determine a person’s health status.

Cephes says the more vets and athletes who have access to VetScore, the more effective it will be.

The app has helped his team win games in the past.

Cepes is a huge fan of the NFL and he uses the app constantly to help out other vets.

He was able to help a friend in the NFL get better through the app.

He said that he was able use the app a lot to help with his personal fitness regimen.

He used the app when he was working out, but also when he would get home from work and go back to his house and watch football.

Ventures has helped a number of vets with their fitness and nutrition.

He helped a former NBA player who was suffering from arthritis get back on the court, and now he’s helping a couple of veterans who were diagnosed with ALS get back to play.

The vet is still using the service, but the app has changed his life.

VetScore is being used by more teams than ever before.

The league has been working with various partners to ensure that VetScore works in the most effective way possible, including the National Football League.

This app is now being used in more than 200 NFL games.

The NFL has even been using VetScore for player recruitment, so vets can keep track of their players on their teams and how they’re doing.

Veterans can access VetScore from all NFL games and are able to check out the health status of players and their teammates in the app as well.

VetScores are also being used to help manage stress levels in players, which could be a big deal in the future as the NFL tries to incorporate more wellness into its games.

Veterals also get access to a lot of other NFL content, like the VetZone app that tracks how well players are performing on the field.