Veterinarians in the Tucson area are working to rescue a dog that was hit by a car, after it had already been taken to the vet for a checkup.

The dog was taken to Phoenix Vet Clinic where it was euthanized.

Veterinaries in Tucson said they were overwhelmed with calls for help.

The owner of the dog said the dog had a broken collar and needed to be checked out.

It was taken into the vet after the owner found the dog’s collar in the back seat of the car, according to KFOX.

The owners said it’s the first time the dog has been hit by any kind of vehicle in its life.

A neighbor called the emergency number after hearing the dog was hit.

The neighbor said the owner of this dog was a veterinarian and was working on his own pet when he was hit and had to be taken to a vet.

A vet at the clinic told ABC News that the owner did not have any injuries on his dog and that the dog should be fine.

Veterins are required to conduct their own vet visits after a dog is euthanased, and a veterinarian can take it to another location to be examined, the Arizona Department of Agriculture said.

The animal shelter in Phoenix was helping to pick up the dog from its owner and bring it to Phoenix to have it examined.

The department is also looking into whether any other animal shelters or rescue groups are providing dog care in the area.

The Phoenix Vet Center said it had received nearly 800 calls for dog care on Wednesday, and that it is working with the owner to make sure the dog will be okay.

The Humane Society of Arizona said the agency is not involved in the investigation.