A veterinarian in the mountain view community of Mount View, California, is hiring an ex-employee to work as a dental technician.

Rita L. Pomeranz is a veterinarian who has worked at her home for the past nine years.

She recently joined a new job at her family farm where she will spend her weekends working with animals.

She said she wants to help other animals and to help people.

Pomeranz said her new job comes as a relief.

She said her boss has been very supportive of her and her work.

She explained that she was laid off from her job with the city of Los Angeles and that she wasn’t even sure what to expect.

Pomeranz said she was working for the city on a lease at the time and the city had promised her that they would give her a raise if she did well.

She was surprised when she heard that her employer would not give her the raise she was promised.

She had heard the city was looking for someone who could help them with their animal care.

Pominanz said that’s when she started to feel like something was wrong.

She says she didn’t want to take the job, so she left.

She was hoping to get a new position, but was told that her former employer is offering her a new one instead.

Pamela Pomeranz said she has heard a lot about what other people are going through after losing a job and her family lost their own pet.

She told us that the only thing she can really talk about is the experience.

She has been able to focus on her work and her pets, and she is looking forward to getting back to work.

She says she is very happy and grateful that her new employer is providing her with the opportunity to help others.