The UK has been chosen to host the first ever Olympic veterinary surgery facility.

The Oxford Veterinary Specialties (OVS) facility, which will be located in the Oxfordshire town of Tewkesbury, will be the largest veterinary clinic in the UK and the largest animal facility in the world.

The site is also the first to be constructed on a site that was already occupied by a slaughterhouse.

The facility will house up to 100 staff, who will work alongside vets and animal lovers from around the world who have volunteered to help.

Oxford vet and Oxford animal vet Simon Williams, a former champion cyclist who won the 2012 Olympic gold medal, is leading the project.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the incredible work of veterinary professionals in Oxfordshire, and bring the world of veterinary medicine closer together through the opportunity to work with our colleagues in Oxford,” he said.

Oxbridge vet and animal vet Stephen Wray will lead the project, with work on the site set to start in May.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Oxfordshire’s premier veterinary medical centre and will be working closely with Oxford University Veterinary Hospital to build the world’s largest veterinary surgical centre,” he added.

Ox, like all UK cities, will have to secure planning permission from the local authorities to construct a facility, and the planning application will need to be approved by the UK Environment Agency before construction can begin.

The project is the latest in a series of big-name projects to be announced in the city this week.

The opening of the new airport, which is due to open in 2020, will see over 60 new jobs and a boost in the economy as well as the construction of new roads.

Meanwhile, the UK has won the £1.9 billion ‘Bridgeman Prize’ for the city’s ability to deliver on the promise of a new, high-speed railway to connect Manchester and Leeds, as well the £8 billion ‘High Speed 2’ transport link between London and Birmingham.