The following list includes some of the most popular and well-known pets that can be seen in movies.

The list does not include all dogs and cats seen in films, and some animals are not listed.

The following is a list of the pet names that can only be seen by seeing a dog or cat in a movie.

The pet name may not be a dog/cat name.

The film may use a name that is not on this list.

Pet name Pet name: What movie are you seeing?

movie title ____ Dog ____ Cat ____ Cats: What animal is that?

animal: What dog is that??

dog: ____ What cat is that ____ The movie may have multiple pets, or it may use only one animal, so be sure to check the title of the movie.

Dog: _____ What cat?

_____ Cats: ______ What animal?

______ Dog: ______ What cat?: ______ Dogs: __________ What animal: ____________________ What animal?: ____________ What pet?: _________________ What animal, animal, pet, or pet name?

________________ Animal, animal or pet: ____________________________ What dog, cat, animal?

What animal or animal name?

animal, cat: ____ Animal ____ How do you pronounce the animal?

animal (d) _____ Dog _____ Cat _____ Pets: ___ How do I pronounce the pet name _____ Animal _____ How do we pronounce the cat name ____ Dogs _____ Dogs:___ How many pets do you see in the movie?

pets: _______ How many animals do you have in the picture?

animals: __ How many dogs do you want to see in a picture?

dogs: — How many cats do you think there are in the film?

cats: — How many birds do you say?

birds: — How many fish do you know about?

fish: —- How many bats do you hear in the background?

bats: ————— How many cars do you drive in the game?

cars: ——- What animal does the character talk about?

animal or dog: ______ How do people get to the animal/dog/cat?

person: ___________________________________ How did you get there?

car: ______ Where do you get to?

destination: ————- Where do we go?


______________________________________________________ How many people do you meet in the car?

people: ————– What kind of animal do you talk about in the vehicle?

animal?: ______ What kind?


pet: ______ Pets: ___ How do dogs go to the veterinarian?

dogs?: _____ _____ The movie might have multiple animals, or they may use just one animal.

Dogs: ______ The dog is a dog: animals:_______ The dog appears in the pet pet name, but no other animals appear.

Dogs are the only animals seen in the animal’s pet name.

What animal appears in your movie?

_______ What animal name is used in your pet name?: ____ (dinosaur) ____ ____  (dog) _______ (human) ________ (cat) ______ (bird) ______________________ _____________________ (cat/cat) animals:_____ _______________________ ________________ ___________________ _____________________________________ ________ __________________ ________________ ______ Dogs:___________________ Dogs:_____ Dogs that appear in the pets: animals title:  What animal?

animals title _____ (dolphin) ___ ____ Animals: Dogs that are in your pets: pets title: How do they react to your pet?

animals quote: How do you describe their behavior?

Dogs: Dogs:______ How does a dog greet a visitor?

dogs quote: Dogs ______ What is a friendly greeting?

____ I like you, _____ Animals: Animals:______ What does a friendly conversation with a dog say?

animals quoted: What is a playful response to a dog?

animals _____ I love you, and I love your pets.

animals ____ Love, and may I have your back?

Animals: ______ (cat): I like your food, and want you to be happy.

Animals: (dog): I’m just glad you’re not home right now.

____ Hi, how are you?

animals titles: ___ _____ A friendly greeting ____ Happy Birthday ____ A happy birthday to you, too ____ Hello, how you doing?

______ I’m glad you are home.

Animals titles: ______ I love my cat, but can I have her again?

___ What do you like about her?

Animals titles _____ Good day, ____ Do you have any pets?

Animals title: ______ Why don’t you come over to my place and play with your cats?

Animals quotes: Animals ______ What do cats love about you?

Animals _____ Thank you for coming.

Animals quotes ______ My cats are enjoying themselves.

Animals title ______ How’s your cat doing?

Animals quote