The Westside veterinary facility is set to open its doors in 2018.

The hospital will offer patients the opportunity to become involved in a unique program of community service to help ensure a positive impact on their community.

The Westsons veterinary medical and research institute will be able to offer services such as social and emotional support to animals in need.

In addition, patients can enroll in classes and attend community service sessions.

The new Westsonton veterinary medical facility will also offer additional services to patients.

In order to expand its service areas, Westside has partnered with Eastside Veterinary Medical Center to provide a program to help the hospital’s patients transition into an independent living situation.

According to a news release from the hospital, the Westsond vet medical and training facility will open in late September.

It is expected that the hospital will have approximately 50 to 60 employees working in the facility and will operate at an average capacity of 50 to 55 residents.

The facility will operate under the supervision of Westside’s board of directors and will serve as the veterinary home of the Eastside community.

In the past, the Eastsons has focused on providing the veterinary community with the training and clinical expertise it needs to be a leader in the field of veterinary care.

The Eastsontons veterinary clinic has operated in conjunction with the veterinary hospital since it opened in 2001.

The veterinary clinic’s mission is to provide the best possible care to all of its patients.

According the news release, “the veterinary clinic offers a variety of therapeutic and rehabilitation services, including surgical, emergency, rehabilitation, behavioral, physical, behavioral and cognitive therapies, and diagnostic services, to address all the complex medical and rehabilitation needs of dogs and cats in need of a high-quality veterinary home.”

The West and Eastsond veterinary medical centers will also provide additional services for patients and residents in the community.

According a news summary, the new facility will include a residential facility, outpatient veterinary services, a nursing facility, a veterinary clinic and veterinary clinic-in-residence, as well as a veterinary medical care center.

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