By Football Itlia staff Zlatanic Ibrahimovic has become a fan favourite at Juventus, despite having been a player for two years and a half.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward has a reputation for being a great player, but what do the players at Juventus actually think of him?

In this exclusive interview, we discuss the rumours surrounding Zlatane, Juventus’ new manager and the future of the striker.

The full interview can be read in our ‘Top 10 Questions’ section.

Juventus are in the process of signing a new striker and it looks like Ibrahimovic is one of the targets.

Is it worth paying €1million for the Swedish forward?

It would be a huge deal for Juventus, as Zlatano has been the most popular player at Juventus for a while now.

Zlatani is the top scorer at Juventus and is one the best strikers in the world.

He is also the most valuable player on the club, with his value at €100m.

Zlano is a great talent.

He has a great chance to become one of those superstars that he was during his time at Juventus.

There are rumours that Juventus could spend €1 million on him, but that would only be a small part of their spending spree.

It would only cover a part of the transfer fee Juventus are looking to spend on the striker, as the club is also reportedly looking at other players.

Juventus have been in the market for a new forward for a long time.

It has been a long wait for the club to get to the point where they have had a striker in the squad.

Zidane has been linked with a number of teams throughout the season, and many of them are also in the top five clubs in Europe.

One of the big reasons behind Juventus’ lack of success this season has been their inability to keep up with the big clubs in the Premier League.

Juventus’ last Premier League title came back in 2013 and they have yet to win the title again since then.

Zliato has been one of Zlatán’s biggest critics at Juventus this season, especially when it comes to his performances.

The former AC Milan forward has been very vocal in his criticism of the club’s tactics.

Zlosniak has been extremely vocal about his opinion on Zlatanes antics, but his words have not stopped him from performing at a high level this season.

Zlica has been part of Juve’s attack for the majority of the season and has scored 14 goals so far.

Zlin has scored five goals in the Serie A so far this season and is currently the joint-top scorer at the club.

Zloza has been in excellent form at the moment and has been an integral part of Juventus’ attack this season in a big way.

Zla is currently ranked 11th in Serie A and has five goals and five assists.

He also scored two goals and an assist in the Champions League final.

Juventus is currently in seventh place in Serie B, with nine points from four games.

Zola has been Juventus’ main striker this season but has been hampered by injury.

The Brazilian was injured in the second half of the team’s 4-0 win over Bologna on Wednesday, while Zlatana has been sidelined with an ankle injury.

He could miss Juventus’ trip to Turin on Thursday, with Zlana expected to be out for up to four weeks.

The team’s next three games are all away.

Juventus will need to improve their attacking potential against Roma on Saturday, Roma on Sunday and Juventus’ final game against Napoli.

Zolas absence means that Juve will have to rely on a new attacking threat to be successful against Napolese defence.

Zlusi has been brilliant this season as Juve have secured five wins from four matches.

Zolani has scored two league goals in his last two games.

The 28-year-old has been playing with a heavy heart this season after missing three weeks with an injury.

Juventus need Zlatans ability to score goals to be a force in Serie C and they will have an excellent chance of doing just that against Roma.

Zolisi is not the only one that has been disappointed with the way Juve are performing this season – Napoli and Juventus have both also struggled with goalscoring.

Juventus could be able to pick up a few points with Zolis’ performance against Napolitano.

The Italian champions are currently fourth in Serie D, but have only scored four goals in their last five games.

Juve need to show that they are capable of scoring more goals than Napoli or Juventus if they are to have any chance of winning the title.