Albuquerque, New Jersey (CNN) New Jersey’s veterinary hospital is scheduled to open later this month, a move the New York Times reported was prompted by pressure from the Trump administration.

The announcement is likely to fuel protests and calls for the closure of veterinary hospitals across the country, including New York City, which has seen more than 100,000 deaths due to a lack of treatment for infectious diseases, according to the New Jersey Coalition for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention.

The Albuquerque Animal Health Center will be located in the former Veterans Affairs Medical Center building at the corner of Fourth and Fourth avenues, a longtime business for the city.

It will be the first veterinary hospital to be located near Albuquerque, according the Albuquerque Journal.

It is part of a larger expansion of the city’s veterinary medical center, which includes an outpatient surgery facility and a dental clinic.

The new veterinary hospital will be a new location for veterinarians, who have been forced to move out of the state due to the opioid crisis.

They now work in facilities across the United States.

The Animal Health Care Center is expected to be the largest veterinary medical facility in the United Kingdom, according a New York state government website.

The clinic’s main focus is infectious diseases and will offer the best quality of care for the community and its pets, said Dr. Richard Besser, the center’s director of veterinary medicine.

The facility is a “natural extension of the center that has been there for 20 years,” Bessers said.

The veterinarians will work with patients in the emergency department and at the Veterinary Medical Center.

Besser said he expected the center would provide “much-needed support” for animal patients in a crisis.

New Jersey, a state with about 8,000 veterinarians and nearly 200,000 patients, has a high rate of opioid-related deaths and an overall rate of 5,400 hospitalizations per 100,00 residents, according data from the Centers for Disease Control.

About 20% of the people who live in New Jersey have been treated with opioids in the past 12 months, according an April report from the New England Veterinary Medical Association.

New Mexico has the second highest number of deaths from opioid overdoses in the country at 5,831.

The state has also been dealing with an epidemic of opioid use in some communities.

New York, which had the second-highest number of opioid overdoses, had an overall overdose rate of 2,824 per 100 on average.

That’s up from 2,000 in 2015.

Bridges said she hoped the new facility would help fill an “unmet need.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the staff and the patients of this facility,” Bridges said.

“I hope we will be able to address the pain and suffering of our patients with this facility.”

The new facility will be housed in a building that is already home to the Animal Health Centers of New York, the American Veterinary Medical Society and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.