Veterinarians have discovered a way to treat an arthritis-causing condition that has been causing widespread pain across Europe.

They say they are the first to find a cure for a condition that is caused by an infection, not a genetic defect.

In an article on the BBC website, veterinary specialists at Eastside Veterinary Clinic in Nottinghamshire said they were the first in Europe to find an effective treatment.

Dr David Bader, an orthopedic specialist, said: ‘The key to this is the fact that it doesn’t involve drugs.

It doesn’t require surgery, it doesn�t require a cocktail of drugs.’

It is just a simple, low-cost intervention that is easy to administer, takes only a few minutes, is not painful, and can be repeated over a long period of time.’

The treatment we are working on is very simple, we just use a topical cream that contains a topical solution that is already available for cats.’

When we first started looking at topical cream, we were really excited because it was one of the first products to be developed, and we had a lot of interest from other vets.’

But then we found out it was not working, it wasn�t effective, and now we are hoping to be able to find other alternatives that are effective.’

The treatment involves applying a thin layer of a thin, thin layer onto the skin of the affected cat and then rubbing it over it for a few hours.

‘This is done by the vet on the spot.

We use a cotton ball, or a soft sponge, and then the cream sits on top of the cotton ball and the cat sits and waits for a week, then the vet removes it,’ Dr Bader explained.’

So the cat doesn�ts have to eat it.’

We don�t want the cream to sit on the skin, we want it to get on the coat, and so the vet is removing the skin.’

Once the cream has been removed, the vet rubs the cream on the affected area.

He then applies it to the affected paw and applies the cream all over the area, then he applies the oil and then leaves the skin covered for another week.’

If you can find a vet who can do this, we would like to be the first one to do this.’

The process can take around a week and the treatment costs around £15 a week for the treatment, with the vets using an expensive cream called Pillowtop, which costs around $100 (£61).’

It does take a few weeks for the cream and the coating to come off the skin,’ Dr Bader added.’

You can only get it once, so you have to take it off and take it out again.”

The cream comes off in a day or two, the coating in two weeks, so it can be very effective.’

There is a lot more to do and I can’t wait to try it out for myself.

I have never had an operation like this, and I am delighted to be working with an NHS vet.’

What this shows is that we can improve on the quality of life for people who have a condition like this and for people with a genetic condition like that.’

Dr Bader said there were more than 5,000 cases of cats with arthritis in Europe, including about 1,000 in the UK.