Animal lovers have been quick to point out the cruel way in which animals are being raised in captivity.

But now it’s a matter of public health, not public policy, that must take precedence over the animal welfare concerns.

The most famous case of animal cruelty in modern times came in 2015, when two lions were locked in a cage for hours, and eventually died.

In that case, the animals were being fed just enough to keep them alive, according to The New York Times.

But in the case of the dogs in the video above, there was a catch: the animals had been left to starve to death in the dark, according the New York Post.

The Humane Society of the United States said that the dogs’ deaths were “absolutely shocking and disgusting.”

Animal lovers are demanding that the video of the lions’ death be removed from YouTube.

“YouTube is a platform for sharing and commenting on news stories.

This clip is completely unacceptable, and should not be displayed on the site,” the Humane Society wrote in a statement.

YouTube said it was reviewing the video.

What do you think?

What other cruel animal videos should be removed?