A Texas veterinarian is facing a lawsuit over the alleged harassment of her patients.

According to the complaint, a man who had been visiting a woman in Dallas was asked to stop in front of her car.

The man told the woman he was not allowed to bring her dog with him.

The woman claimed that she refused to give the man permission to touch her dog and that he then punched her in the face.

The woman said she was “unable to move” from her car and was forced to pull over.

She said she screamed for help and told a nearby emergency medical technician that she was in pain.

The paramedic responded to the scene and found the woman in “extremely critical condition.”

According to Dallas News, the man who assaulted the woman was later arrested and charged with assaulting the woman and interfering with her medical treatment.

The complaint also alleges that the man “intentionally struck her, causing her to fall, and that the person was subsequently arrested and released.”