Veterinarians in Southern California have a new place to turn for help, and Sumner Veterinary Hospital is offering vets and owners the option to visit.

The new location at 6051 E. Santa Fe Ave., on the edge of the city, is set to open March 5 and will have a wide array of options for vets.

According to Sumner’s website, it will be open seven days a week, seven days per week, with a full-service veterinary clinic, a full clinic, and a day-of clinic for patients with a daily schedule.

Sumner is located at 2140 E. Cesar Chavez St., Santa Fe, CA 96716.

The clinic will offer “intensive and comprehensive veterinary care,” according to the hospital’s website.

Sumners veterinary clinic is a partnership with the Santa Fe County Board of Veterinaries, which includes animal control, animal shelter, and the California Department of Health Services.

The clinic will provide emergency veterinary care, as well as basic, basic and more in-depth veterinary care for animals, like ear infections, skin problems, urinary tract infections, and other common veterinary issues.

Sumter is also the largest animal hospital in the county.

Its average capacity is about 5,500 patients per year, according to its website.

Vaccination services for animals are also available at the clinic, according, as are the county’s Animal Health and Welfare department and the Santa Ynez Regional Animal Shelter.

Animal health and welfare officials said that Sumner is not a “specialty clinic” and that there are no specific services for pets.

In fact, Sumner has a large selection of veterinary services, but not many.

A veterinary clinic would be the largest facility in Southern CA, according a recent report by the Los Angeles Times.

According to the newspaper, there are about 7,000 dogs and cats in Sumner, with about 3,000 in the emergency department.

There are also about 3 million birds in Sumners population, but that number does not include many other species.

As for the number of dogs and other animals that are housed at Sumner?

About 3,500, according the newspaper.

The Times also reported that in a recent survey of Sumner residents, only two percent were aware of the shelter’s current situation.

A statement on the Sumner website said the clinic would operate “for a number of years” and would continue to expand to offer a wide variety of services to pets and their owners.

The veterinary clinic will be located at the intersection of Cesar and Eves streets.