A new pet care industry trend is to take your dog on a veterinary visit at the very beginning of his or her life.

It’s called “triage day.”

It’s a chance to get to know your dog better, so you can see if he or she needs more attention.

You’ll have more time to play, explore and socialize with your dog as you get to meet and work with him or her in the home.

But what about your veterinarian’s visit?

What’s the difference between it and a home visit?

Here are some of the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Veterinary Triage Day Triage day allows you to meet your dog, see him or she in person, and take his or she to the vet.

It also allows you the chance to learn about your dog and how he or her will be treated in the future.

You can take your pet to the veterinarian for a thorough exam and see the results.

If your dog is not aggressive, you can choose to see a vet at home.

You get to choose which type of appointment you want, and it’s your decision.

Your veterinarian will give you a written explanation about the procedure.

This is your chance to ask questions.

It is important that you ask questions to make sure your dog gets the most out of his visit.

Some people may want to wait until they are ready to visit.

But you should know what to expect before you decide whether to go.

It will be much easier for your pet.

You may want a home-based vet to see your dog in person before you visit the vet, but the doctor may not be as comfortable and can’t always see your pet in person.

That said, you may also like the opportunity to see dogs at a zoo or other large animal exhibit.

The vet can do a thorough examination of your pet and then take pictures and videos.

That’s a great way to get a closer look at your pet, too.

You will have the opportunity for some face-to-face interaction with your pet before and after your vet visit.

This will give your pet an opportunity to learn how you treat your pet at home, and give you the opportunity not to see him/her in person again.

A home visit will give the dog and his/her family a chance for a real, emotional and personal experience.

You and your dog will spend time together in the living room and will get to see each other for the first time.

If you decide to go with a veterinary tour, you will get the opportunity of being the first person to see the pet before the tour starts.

This makes it easier for you to spend more time with your puppy, or your dog.

You have more space to play with your dogs.

It can be very relaxing and fun to play in the yard with your pets.

The veterinarian can work with you and your dogs together, and the visit can last up to an hour.

The vets also get to play around with your puppies, and help them get to grips with new toys.

You might have more fun with your new puppy or even with your old one.

Some vets prefer to see puppies as young as 3 months old.

If the vet doesn’t want to do this, you might have to decide to see them in person first.

You also have the option of seeing your dogs at their own pace during the visit.

Your pet can still be on leash at home or at a dog park.

Some vet offices don’t allow pets on leash in their facilities.

Some of the reasons for this are the time needed for the vet to complete the procedure and the length of time the vet has to spend with your animal.

You are also responsible for keeping the facility clean.

Some areas of the facility have to be monitored and cleaned regularly.

If this is the case, you should contact your veterinarian before going on a home tour.

Some pet shops offer home visits.

If these visits aren’t your style, there are other options available.

The cost for a home veterinary visit varies depending on the location and the type of service you want.

For a standard veterinary visit, your vet will spend at least 15 minutes with your family, taking photos and videos and performing a thorough physical exam.

You do not have to go to the hospital to see this veterinarian.

You just have to schedule a visit.

For more information about pet care, visit the American Veterinary Medical Association website.

Pros and cons for Veterinary Terence Day A veterinarian visit can be stressful and expensive, especially for a family of four.

You probably want to spend a little extra time with a veterinarian to give your dog the most natural experience possible.

The wait can be a little longer than a home or a zoo visit.

It costs you about $500, and you will likely pay that much for the services you get.

If a home vet visits at the beginning of your puppy’s life, you get the same treatment and time you would receive at a home care clinic.

You could spend as much as $300 for a