Southwest Veterinary Hospital, which treats dog owners with special needs, is opening a new location in the South.

The new facility will be at the former South West Hospital in Pune and will have an on-site facility, as well as a facility for patients with special dietary needs.

It is the second South West Veterinary Hospital to open in Mumbai, which opened in May this year.

“Our hope is that the new facility, which will include the two existing facilities, will help to bridge the gap between the South and West Veterinary Hospitals,” Dr Praveen Swamy, Director General, South West VH, told NDTV.

“It will enable us to bring patients to the hospital, which is a vital service to them.”

The new hospital will be open from May to October, and will be operated by a veterinary assistant who is trained in special diets and can treat patients with a variety of health problems.

South West’s two existing veterinary hospitals, in Puducherry and Gwalior, are both close to the city centre.

The two hospitals serve patients from Pudu and Gurgaon.

Both have a large number of residents.

NDTV contacted the hospital to find out about the opening, but received no response.