An elderly vet has died after being beaten by a mob at a local veterinary clinic in south-east London, in what has been described as a “cowardly attack”.

The 71-year-old, who was not named, was attacked on Sunday afternoon by a group of about 50 people who gathered in a public park and then took turns to beat him with a wooden stick and plastic pipe.

“The dogs, they came at me in a straight line and started hitting me with a stick, but then I heard a woman shouting, ‘You can’t do this to him.

He’s elderly’,” the elderly vet said.

“I thought she was joking and they were trying to be funny, but it was real.

I was just in shock.”

The group allegedly dragged him from the park to a nearby park, where they began punching him in the face and neck, and repeatedly kicked him.

Police arrested a number of people involved in the incident, including two of the attackers, and have released CCTV footage of the incident.

The vets said the incident was not the first time they have been attacked at the park, and the vets who were attacked had been in and out of hospital.

The group of people who attacked the vet have since been charged with murder.

The incident happened just after midnight on Sunday at the Parkland Vet Clinic in Parkland Road, South Kempt, east London.

It is not clear if the attack was connected to the recent coronavirus pandemic, or whether it was an isolated incident.

Police have appealed for anyone who has witnessed or witnessed anything suspicious to contact them.

“I’m shocked by this,” the vet, who does not want to be identified, told Al Jazeera.

“It’s not good that they would do something like this.

I’ve had to work hard to get through this, and it’s just not fair.”

The vets have called on the authorities to launch an investigation into what happened.

“It’s terrible that this can happen in the first place.

If this was just a random act of violence, this could have been prevented, but unfortunately it’s not,” the vets said.”

We need to put this to bed, and hopefully things will change.”‘

A very sad and shocking day’The vets also said they were concerned that the attacks were being made to look like an isolated case, and not part of a wider conspiracy to target them and other vets in the area.

“As a vet, you get targeted, you don’t always get a reward for it, you never really know who you’re going to be hit by or what the motive is,” said the vet.

You just have to put your trust in the police.””

This is not the way to treat someone.

You just have to put your trust in the police.”

A spokesperson for the South Kessians said the vets were being “frayed over” by the attack.

“Our vets were targeted in a very shocking and shocking attack and were treated in the emergency department,” the spokesperson said.