Bluepearl veterinarians are being targeted by the industry, with more than 2,000 veterinary partners being killed by suicide in the last year.

The figures, obtained by TechRadars sister publication, The Daily Dot, show that bluepear veterinarians in the UK have the highest suicide rate in the country, with nearly 300 a day, with one in five people taking their own life.

The veterinary profession is now being criticised by a number of groups for the increasing number of suicides in the profession, and the increasing pressure on vets to make a profit.

The report highlights the increasing level of pressures veterinarians must face in order to make their livelihoods.

The report also notes the high cost of caring for animals, and a growing gap between demand and supply of veterinary services in the industry.

It’s important to understand how many vets are actually euthanising animals, the report said, adding that veterinary services have seen a significant increase in the number of vets euthanizing animals, with the number euthanized in the first half of the year reaching 1,865.

The numbers are even higher in some of the smaller countries.

In the UK, for example, more than 1,200 vets have committed suicide this year, according to the charity Save The Animals.

In many cases, vets are choosing to end their lives after being repeatedly told they’re no longer needed.

One of the largest groups that is seeking to pressure the industry to reduce the number and scope of euthanasia is the UK Veterinary Association (UKVA).

UKVA is the largest animal welfare organisation in the United Kingdom, and was established in 2012, with a focus on reducing the cost of veterinary care for animals and improving welfare for the animals themselves.

The UKVA has long argued for better animal welfare standards, and it’s been vocal about the need for a shift towards better veterinary services.

“Vet organisations in the U.K. and elsewhere have a responsibility to ensure that all animals, from the smallest to the biggest, are treated with dignity and respect, and treated with the utmost respect and compassion,” a spokesperson for UKVA said.

“Our commitment is to take care of the animals, not the animals to take their lives.”

A spokesperson for the veterinary association told The Daily Beast that they have no plans to take any action against veterinary organisations, and are focused on getting vets to take a more positive view of animals.

“It’s been a challenge for the UKVA to work with other groups, and in particular the veterinary profession, on improving their practice,” said a spokesperson.

“It is the veterinary sector which is the biggest employer in the animal welfare industry and the highest paid in the world, and this is the challenge they face.”

A representative for Bluepeal Veterinary Partners, the largest private veterinary partner in the USA, told The Times that they are not aware of any changes to the way the organisation operates.

“We are aware of no change to the practice of veterinary practices in the Bluepear region, and we are very proud of our veterinary partners who are the backbone of our business and who continue to be the backbone for our veterinary team,” a representative for the Blueparl Veterinary Partners told TheTimes.