A veterinarian who treated a dog in a hospital for a fractured vertebrae in her neck that required emergency surgery is under investigation for allegedly failing to provide proper care to the dog.

Dorothy O’Hara, 70, who lives in Westfield, New Jersey, was charged with failing to keep animals in proper condition and negligent injury to a wildlife.

The charges came after a veterinarian who cared for the dog at the New Jersey Veterinary Hospital for Animals found a large bruise in her cervical spine in October, The New York Times reported.

O’HARA was placed on administrative leave on Tuesday and has been suspended from her position with the veterinary hospital pending the outcome of the investigation, the New York Daily News reported.

O’Rourke told the newspaper that she did not intentionally injure the dog and that she will not face any charges.

O’thara has been in the news before for her work caring for wounded soldiers.

In 2014, she assisted a soldier who needed surgery to repair a fracture in his foot, and in 2010, she helped a woman with cancer recover.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.